what is the very merry vow?

  • we named out return & refund policy the very merry vow.
  • we're not merry, unless you're very merry.
  • we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  • if you're not very merry, we will solve it. reach out to hello@merrymakery.com
  • we got you!

i found a typo...

whoops – we want to fix that asap. please send a screenshot to hello@merrymakery.com. we SO appreciate your attention to detail.

i think something is broken on your website?

uh-oh. please share asap with hello@merrymakery.com to save us from future embarrassment. we will be forever grateful.

i've got a brilliant idea for you

we think you're brilliant so please send your idea to hello@merrymakery.com

can i talk to you?

absolutely! hello@merrymakery.com is just MacK so don't be a stranger.

wanna be my pen pal?

i thought you’d never ask! i clearly love mail so i promise i won't disappoint:
MacK, PO BOX 874, Austin, TX, 78767

do you wholesale?

sure do! submit a wholesale inquiry here.


what is your processing time?

tbh, we can’t make any promises as we just launched in Feb 2023.

we do our best to process your order within 1 business day of being placed, excluding holidays and weekends.

keep in mind that "processing" is MacK stuffing envelopes at her apartment so your patience is greatly appreciated. she’s working as fast as she can.

what is your shipping policy?

we ship to all states in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.

we sadly don’t ship internationally.

we reserve the right to refuse to ship any order at our sole discretion. if we refuse a shipment, a refund will be initiated in full.

do you ship to PO boxes?

we sure do — we've got one too, if you want to be PO box pen pals :)

do you accept international orders?

we currently ship to the us, uk, & canada.

do you rush ship?

nope, not yet…

where is the tracking number for my order?

  • orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail (i.e., the OG mail system of an envelope with a stamp that is delivered to your mailbox).
  • USPS doesn’t provide tracking to us, so we can’t provide tracking to you.
  • USPS estimates arrival of 3-5 business days.
  • i know uncertainty is HARD, but look on the bright side, you will soon get a lovely hand addressed envelope & delightful forever stamp.
  • if you can’t handle the stress of no tracking information, reach out to hello@merrymakery.com & we will work something out.

where is my order?

  • tbh, we probably don’t know.
  • just as you don’t know when your letter arrives to your friend, we don’t know when your order will arrive to you, my friend.
  • once we process your order & put it in the mail, we are trusting in the USPS powers that be.
  • if it’s been a really long time & you haven’t heard from us, reach out to hello@merrymakery.com

what is your return policy?

  • we named our return & refund policy the very merry vow.
  • we're not merry, unless you're very merry.
  • we’ll do whatever it takes to make you merry.
  • if you're not very merry, we will solve it hello@merrymakery.com
  • we got you!

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