corporate workshops

i offer two uniquely designed corporate workshops aimed at harnessing the power of pen and paper in a professional setting. 


1.the handwritten advantage

deepening client relationships one letter at a time

in an age of emails and nonstop notifications, a handwritten note is extra note-worthy :)  this workshop is centered around using this unique & personalized form of communication for professional purposes.

a simple handwritten note goes a long way in creating more meaningful & memorable connections with your clients.

in this workshop, i teach you & your team how to craft impactful & thoughtful handwritten letters. i even cater the messages specifically to your company, industry, and job function. 

the aim is not just to show you how to write a letter, but to help you understand how this strategy can differentiate your business, enhance your brand image, & foster lasting client relationships in a way that digital communication often falls short.

2. penning praise

fostering employee appreciation through handwritten letters

my second workshop underscores the importance of appreciation in the workplace. the top reason that employees leave jobs is because they don't feel appreciated.

expressing gratitude to employees, acknowledging their hard work, & making them feel valued can significantly boost morale, increase productivity, & reduce employee turnover.

in this workshop, i focus on teaching you how to effectively express your appreciation for your team through handwritten letters.

i provide a step-by-step guide on how to pen sincere & personalized letters that resonate with your employees, making them feel truly seen & appreciated. the act of taking time to write a note sends a powerful message to your team - that you value their contributions and they matter to your organization.


the logistics

  • digital or in-person [i'm based in austin, tx but happy to travel to you]
  • length is tailored to meet your needs 
  • option to add on custom branded stationery for the event
  • option to add on a guided meditation session to help your team foster a mindset of gratitude [i'm a certified meditation teacher too!]


i created my workshops so that you can experience first-hand the transformative power of handwritten letters in the world of business.

i believe that this form of communication, often considered traditional or even old-fashioned, holds untapped potential in strengthening the fabric of your business (& personal!) relationships.

contact me today to learn more or to schedule a workshop for your team. i look forward to helping you create stronger connections and more appreciation at work, one card at a time.


p.s. wanting something else? i can likely make it happen. let's chat.

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