words of affirmation love language

words of affirmation love language

we're about to embark on a heartfelt journey as we explore the perfect gifts for those delightful people in our lives whose love language is words of affirmation. these gems of humans revel in the spoken and written word - in the genuine compliments, the heartfelt notes, and the spoken affirmations of love and appreciation. this can make them a tad tricky to shop for, but that's where we come in!

in this guide, we're focusing on gifts that speak volumes - the kind that say "i love you", "i appreciate you", or "you mean the world to me" in 72-point bold font.

think personal, sentimental, and oozing with warmth. for these lovely people, it's all about gifts that articulate your feelings for them, and make them feel seen, loved, and cherished. so, ready to dive in and find those perfect words (and gifts) of affirmation? let's do this!


for those who cherish words of affirmation, gifts like affirmation cards, handwritten letters, framed quotes, and mirror decals are simply perfect. they're like love notes that hang around, consistently reminding your friend of your love and appreciation, making their world a bit brighter every day.


  1. framed quote
  2. word magnet
  3. compliment jar
  4. affirmation cards


  1. neon sign
  2. mirror decal
  3. inspirational quote
  4. review mirror decal


  1. comedy
  2. concert
  3. storytelling
  4. poetry slam



    when you're shopping for someone who cherishes words of affirmation, personalization is a key element to consider. personalized gifts like custom posters, photo books, engraved keychains, and lockets are not just presents, they're heartfelt messages, showcasing the time, effort, and thought you've put into creating something uniquely for them.


    1. poster
    2. playlist
    3. etsy find
    4. personal crest


    1. engraved watch
    2. engraved keychain
    3. friendship bracelet
    4. custom iphone case


    1. photo book
    2. photo calendar
    3. digital photo frame
    4. locket or wallet pics



    grand gestures like social media posts, billboards, and astrology readings really make their day. these public expressions of love or attention, big or small, let them know you value them in a grand way that others can see too. it's a way to tell them they're special and appreciated, in front of the world, amplifying the affirming message they love.


    1. cards
    2. poem
    3. post-its
    4. cutting board


    1. social media
    2. billboard
    3. newspaper ad
    4. skywriting


      1. aura
      2. tarot
      3. astrology chart
      4. human design lab

      so there you have it, a treasure trove of gift ideas for your loved ones who adore words of affirmation. remember, it's not about how much you spend, but the thought, love, and affirmation you pour into the gift that truly counts. so take these ideas, add your own personal touch, and let's make our friends feel loved, seen, and valued. after all, isn't that what gift-giving is all about?

      wishing you all the merrymaking, friends!

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