🧸🍼👶 new baby

so, a sweet little bundle of joy has just entered the world, and you're super excited to celebrate this precious moment.

but, what do you write in a new baby arrival card? sure, a simple "congrats" might suffice, but we all know the new addition deserves something a bit more special, right?

don't worry, we've got you covered. here's a list of 20 heartfelt messages to help you craft a new baby arrival card that's as unique and precious as the little one it's celebrating.


20 best new baby arrival messages

your baby's here and suddenly the world is brighter. can't wait to meet your little sunshine!

your insta stories just got a gazillion times cuter. so excited for your new journey!

welcome to team no sleep! your little one is totally worth it. thrilled for your new chapter.

hey, super parents! can't wait to meet your little superhero.

your greatest collab just dropped. welcome to the world, baby!

your love story has a new character, and they're adorable. can't wait to meet them!

diapers, feedings, and lots of cuddles coming your way. so thrilled for you both!

can't wait for all the baby's firsts. your greatest adventure has just begun!

your baby's debut is the best news of the year. can't wait for all the baby giggles!

a new baby and a ton of joy. your house just got a lot happier!

your little one's already got more swag than anyone i know. can't wait to meet them!

the most precious gift has arrived. your love story just got a new chapter!

your little one is about to break the internet with cuteness. so excited for you!

can't wait to meet the newest addition to your fam squad. so happy for you!

the baby's finally here and so are the adventures. so thrilled for your new journey!

congrats on the new squad member! can't wait for all the adorable family photos.

the best stories start with once upon a time. can't wait for your new chapter with baby!

your baby is about to become the star of your world. so thrilled for you!

the wait is over, your bundle of joy is here. can't wait to meet the little star!

welcome to the world, baby! your journey is going to be an incredible one.

so there you go – 20 heartfelt messages perfect for a new baby arrival card. feel free to tweak and blend these suggestions to suit your style and relationship with the happy parents.

now, go ahead and let your love for the newest addition shine through your words. your new baby arrival card game just got a whole lot stronger!

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