🍼👶🚿 baby shower

so, you've got a baby shower on your calendar, and while you're psyched about celebrating the upcoming arrival, you're not quite sure what to write in that baby shower card.

of course, a simple "congrats" is nice, but why not make it as unique and special as the little bundle of joy who's on the way?

to help you out, we've compiled 20 heartfelt, millennial and gen z-style messages that will help you craft a baby shower card that's as original as it is adorable. let's get to it!

20 best baby shower messages

your insta feed is about to get a whole lot cuter. can't wait for the baby spam!

welcome to the club where sleep is rare, but love is abundant. so thrilled for you both.

from bump to baby, can't wait to see this beautiful journey unfold. excited for you!

ready for endless snuggles and cute baby giggles? so happy for your growing family.

hello, baby bump! next stop: parenthood. sending all the love and good vibes your way.

your greatest adventure is about to begin. can't wait for the baby pics!

from onesies to late-night stories, your life is about to get a lot sweeter. so excited for you!

hey, future mama and papa bear! can't wait to welcome your little cub into the world.

your baby is about to make the world a better place. sending all the love for this new chapter.

your love created a miracle. can't wait to meet your bundle of joy!

to new parents, your journey into sleepless nights and endless love is just beginning. so excited for you!

your family's going from cute to cuter, one diaper at a time. thrilled for you!

baby booties, teddy bears, and lots of love are headed your way. can't wait for the arrival!

your little one is about to become the star of your life. excited for the new arrival!

can't wait to welcome your little one to the world of memes and emojis!

your baby's arrival is the most eagerly awaited drop of the year. so thrilled for you!

your baby is about to break the internet. excited for the new journey!

here's to a new beginnings & an infinite amount of love. so happy for you!

this baby is already the coolest kid on the block, thanks to you. can't wait for the big day!

just think of all the future playdates and baby pics. excited for your growing family!

there you have it – 20 messages to help you craft a unique and heartfelt baby shower card. remember, these are just a start – feel free to modify them to perfectly capture your emotions for the expectant parents. happy writing, and get ready to celebrate the new arrival in style!

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