🖤⛓️🤍 breakup

🖤⛓️🤍 breakup

breakups can be tough, no doubt.

during such times, supportive words can help soothe a friend's heartache.

if you're wondering what to write in a breakup card, we've got you covered. here are 20 genuine messages to help your loved ones navigate the rocky road of heartbreak towards healing and a new beginning.


20 breakup messages

hey, it's okay to feel all the feels. lean on me, i'm here for you.

you are whole on your own. remember, your worth isn't tied to a relationship.

even in the darkness, you shine. stay strong, brighter days are coming.

you are strong, you are brave, & you are enough. always remember that.

this too shall pass. until then, remember you're loved and not alone. hearts heal, tears dry, and new stories begin. you've got this.

breakups suck, but they shape us into even better versions of ourselves. hang in there.

you're on the road to somewhere even better. stay strong.

the best thing about endings? they lead to new beginnings.

you're made of stardust, and nothing can put out your shine.

remember, every storm runs out of rain. this too will pass.

it's okay to be not okay. take your time, we're here for you.

you are not what you've lost. you are what you have to gain.

sending you love, light, and lots of healing vibes.

your ex didn't understand your worth. but remember, we know your worth it & then some.

painful endings are often disguised as new beginnings. stay hopeful.

you are stronger than this moment. i believe in you.

sometimes, the hardest goodbyes lead to the best hellos. here's to new beginnings.

you deserve the world. don't settle for less.

take this time to heal and love yourself. you've got this.

supporting a friend through a breakup can be as simple as penning a heartfelt message in a blank card.

these 20 genuine messages will help you extend your warmth and reassurance, reminding them that they're not alone and that new beginnings are just around the corner.

at the end of the day, empathy and understanding go a long way in healing a broken heart
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